Vision • Passion • Creativity

The design is the most important factor in the creation of good photographs. The ability to see the potential of an image and then organize the graphic elements in a composition effective and irresistible has always been one of the key points to create pictures.

My name is Veronica Santos, a photographer based in Orlando, Florida. I been in the creative environment as a Multimedia Designer for more than 20 years. Photography is one of my creative passions. Through the eye of the camera,  I have been able to capture the feelings of the moment.


I will love the opportunity  to capture this time in your life.


"Today's Moments are Tomorrow's Memories"

Photography Services:


  • Outdoor Photography
  • Travel / Location Photography for Advertising
  • Structural / Real Estate Photography
  • Model Outdoor Photography
  • Food Photography
  • Family / Baby Photography
  • Pet Photography
  • Event Photography
  • Photograph Editing and Manipulation